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El Hazard The RPG!!

I am creating a world were you can play as your favorite character and create the El Hazard in you. So join us in are adventure of Love,Hate,and power.To join Send me an e-mail of what character you want to be and a picture of him/her.Also tell me 2 made up moves you want and items you want to buy with .Tell your friends.

RPG Has started!!! Send me what you want to do at OsirisDragon3@AOL.com.-Welcome-A whole slew of new characters^_^.
-Makoto and Rune-Venus are going out.
-Lots of people going on quests.
-Nanami started her restraunt called Habachi,she charges for a meal that will heal you fully^_^
-Mr. Fujisawa and Miz Mishtal are going out.

I'd like the characters to be more active so LET"S GO!!

send an email

ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE JOINED SO FAR I"D APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WERE MORE ACTIVE!!E-mail me what you would like to do.Sorry that the e-mail link doesn't work but e-mail me at OsirisDragon3@AOL.com.